Perfectly divert excessive and sudden vibration.
Eliminate the distortion and bring a perfect balance to your hifi systems.

The Hong Kong brand “ungnoi” (UN) was founded for the high-end audio system. We specialize in Hifi racks, speaker stands, and tuning devices. Our design team has accumulated years of knowledge in the process of producing the best vibration control equipment for HiFi markets around the world.

UN understands the repercussions of vibrations. Any kind of HiFi equipment will generate mechanical vibrations. Thus the sound of the entire audio system will be influenced on different levels.

UN told a delicately crafted story to audiophiles around the world — a story of the ideal status of vibrations control products. We embraced the philosophy of “balance”. Every material was tested repeatedly to put together a piece of exquisite and solid vibrations control device. Highly selected materials including natural walnut, ceramic ball, and solid stainless steel.

UN will never stop pursuing the “Art of Balance”, so should you.

Divert and dissipate of excessive vibration energy. Ungnoi use advanced non-magnetic solid stainless steel, which is a strictly tested steel that can support equipment and without magnetic interference. For turntable, cd player, loudspeakers and other hifi equipment

Super GRADE 5

Super Grade 5 ceramic ball, perfect sphere. Each ceramic ball with minimal variation (±0.00013mm), Isolate a component from external vibration.


Top tier stainless steel & craftsmanship provides the most stable platform

Heavy loading

Utilize ceramic balls combine with mechanical divertion techniques, Maximum loading: 80kg/Set

Horizontal diversion

Perfectly isolate & divert vibrations, revising harmful distortions, enhance your system’s sonic performance.



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