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Who and where

Audiotweaks is an initiative founded by Piet de Vries from Sellingen, located in Westerwolde, a lovely rural region in the south-east of Groningen. Westerwolde has recently been given the label of Cittaslow. Cittaslow is an international certification mark for communities that are considered among the best when it comes to environmental care, sceneries, local products, hospitality, infrastructure, cultural history and identity. In other words: in Westerwolde, enjoyment seems to be of the highest priority. Doesn’t this make Audiotweaks in Sellingen the best place to enjoy the ultimate music listening experience?


With decades of experience in high end audio, we offer a small but well-balanced product range of top notch audio components. We are the importer of amplifiers and accessoires of SPEC from Japan. For SPEC we handle the importation and distribution in the Netherlands and Germany. A network of dealers within these two countries is currently being established.
We also import cables and accessories of Telos Audio Design from Taiwan. For Telos we handle distribution in the whole of Europe. For this, a network of dealers will be established as well.
In addition to our imported products, we are also a dealer for speakers of Harbeth, Tannoy and Penaudio. We also offer network players by Lumin and Sforzato, as well as accessories by HMS, Syngergistic Research, Audioquest.

Listening panel

We are very well supported by a group of critical audio enthusiasts who will always test our products and give their honest opinions about them. If they are not content,  the product will not be found in the Audiotweaks store.


In our listening room are three complete audio sets of varying price ranges permanently set up and ready to be experienced. You are very welcome to pay a visit and take your time to enjoy these audio sets, even in the evening and on weekends. To ensure the perfect, comfortable listening experience we recommend you make an appointment before visiting the Audiotweaks listening room. Because we do not have set opening hours, we request you to always contact us before visiting us.

Audiotweaks also offers the unique possibility to try out most purchases at home for a month. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to us within the first month and you will get a refund (excluding shipping, insurance and depreciation).
However most likely, you’ll never want to say goodbye to your Audiotweaks products.
In that case, we will deliver a new copy of that particular product to you.
Sometimes it is even possible to purchase the showroom model of a certain product for a special price. In that case, we will deposit the amount of money that you save back to you.

This also applies to our cables and accessories. If you would like to try out our speakers and/or other products at home, we would be happy to arrange this for you. After you’ve been convinced of the quality of our products in the Audiotweaks listening room, we would be happy to visit and demonstrate our equipment in the comfort of your own living room, free of charge.


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10 years of professional experience

40 years as a high-end audio fanatic, now with 10+ years of professional experience.