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It is a real pleasure to me, to introduce my complete line of speakers.Since I finished the “18FH”, my last and biggest speaker to date, I really feel I am at the finishing line.

This has been possible through constant listening, comparing and developing over decades. I have been using historic legends of speaker building as examples: from Western Electric and RCA, to Altec and TAD – I’ve owned them all.

With great joy I look around me and see with you the result from those decades.

As you know, I develop and build each and every component of my ultra-fi audio chain here in Switzerland and put all my experience and love into it. Such an extraordinary chain only works with the perfect interplay of all the components.

But still the speaker is the most important part: what they do not deliver, you simply cannot hear. What they swallow will be forgotten. With my speakers, you hear it all.

And that is largely due to their unifying link: a point source chassis. A two Way Horn System without CD-horn at the “18FH” and a Coaxial Systems with CD horn at the “10”, “12” and “15HC”. You could say they all speak the same language and this language is: clarity, naturalness and an expressive depth.

I can honestly say I am proud of what the “8”, the “12”, the “15” and the “18FH” and what they are capable of. Every music lover should listen to them once in their life.

Convince yourself and plan your visit to my studio on the beautiful Lake of Lucerne.

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