Diretta USB Bridge (Oliospec Canario DUB)

1.095,00 (904,96 excl. tax)


Diretta USB Bridge




The Oliospec Canario DUB is a Diretta USB bridge that allows you to enjoy the unprecedented sound quality of the Diretta streaming protocol. The DUB is a Diretta Target connected via USB to a DAC. In addition to a Diretta Target, you also need a Diretta Host. For example, a Pachanko Constellation music server. This is also available from Audiotweaks. The DUB can be connected directly to the Pachanko server with a LAN cable or over the network.
The Canario DUB comes with three types of feet that allow you to further tune the sound.

The Canario DUB is delivered WITHOUT power supply. A 5 Volt DC power supply with a 2.5×2.1 mm. plug is required. This can be done with a simple IFI power supply but also with a Ferrum Hypsos, Pachanko Stellar or EAHibrid battery power supply.