Duelund Dual DCA12GA

40,00 (33,06 excl. tax)

Duelund Dual DCA12GA tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton and oil

Price per meter: €40,-
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Building on the amazing success of the DCA12GA, this Dual version from Duelund holds 2 of the DCA12GA wires within a cotton and oil sleeving. Having 2 conductors makes the Dual ideal for signal cables, interlinks and speaker cables. The Dual has 2 lengths of tinned copper multistrand wire in a black cotton and oil dielectricum, held side by side with both conductors further wrapped in cotton and oil sleeving.

The DCA12GA was born from the desire to improve upon the legendary vintage Western Electric WE12GA cable by implementing Duelund’s philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability and transparency.

Overall dimensions 4mm x 6.5mm

Each conductor: external diameter 3mm, internal diameter 2.36mm