ETI Copper Link Banana (x2)

59,00 (48,76 excl. tax)

note: sold in pairs

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This unique shape combined with the natural resilience of BeCu creates a near seamless connection between the plug and terminal.

The aluminium housing in matte black is consistent with the design changes made to the ETI Copper Link RCA. A more streamlined look supports the housing’s excellent shielding properties, eliminating impacts on sound quality. Left and right channels are clearly designated with enamel rings.

Unlike similarly designed connectors, a double strain relief system is employed to establish a more reliable and secure connection. The bare wire of the cable is secured with twin screws into the chamber at the base of the sawtooth (no soldering is required). A second set of twin screws in the aluminium housing allows the connector to be secured to the insulation of the cable.

Whether you want to terminate patch cords for electronic test equipment or connect a speaker cable, the Link Banana from ETI offers quality sound, value for money and superb reliability.