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The network Player RMP-X3EX can enjoy to the utmost due to the fact that high resolution sound source create reverberation and feeling or air that’s is why you can listen it. We deliver A reverberation on floating in silence, glossy sound, more delicate emotions lurking behind the tone.

RMP-X3, a network player at the cutting edge of source components

Really detailed and really fresh sound is realized by a frightful amount of information. RMP-X3 reproduces the sustain and atmosphere of the high resolution audio sources. The sound is not only high resolution but full of musicality. It is a realistic “real sound”. The sound taste is depends on our concept, “Audio Device is a musical instruments. RMP-X3 reproduces almost all the format and supports the Roon. The Roon covers the Tidal. Future firmware updates are performed via your LAN keeping your device up to date and up to task.

Underbase and insulators that deliver natural reverberation

The European spruce underbase
and Hokkaido maple insulator

The X3 features a base constructed from beautifully resonant natural wood, a technique acquired from the construction of SPEC amplifiers. We have used wood as a structural material since the construction of our very first product, the RSA-F1, because in addition to design considerations the wood underbase moderates the vibrations of the entire chassis, further supported by a wood insulator that provides rich, natural reverberation. As a result of a range of tests, we utilize the same European spruce used in violins and cellos for the underbase, and utilize the insulator crafted from maple solid wood from Hokkaido — which is also used in the construction of piano keyboards –processed into a round shape. This results in a “spec” sound with a richly expressive reverberation that is pleasing to the ear. This use of the same wood “material” that is used in musical instruments is consistent with our concept of audio products as musical instruments.


Main unit
Unbalanced RCA2Vrms
Balanced XLR2Vrms
NetworkLAN RJ45
External ClockBNC 50ohm 10MHz
External dimensions440 mm (width) × 124.5 mm (height) × 386 mm (depth)
Power supply unit
Electrical consumption45 W
External dimensions260mmmm (width) × 124.5 mm (height) × 372 mm (depth)