✓ A real new-generation class-D amplifier with latest highly accurate PWM switching devices
✓ Specially selected parts of low-pass filter contribute to the Real-Sound
✓ Wooden base-chassis and insulators to realize rich and beautiful instrument-like sound

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The start of a new era in amplifier with “Real-Sound” “Real-Sound” brings the performers to life right in front of you

Thanks to the vast improvement in semiconductor technology, the most advanced class D amplifier devices are integrated with PWM controller with excellent time-axis control as well as two power MOSFETs with highly accurate current switching fully optimized audio performance. We had earlier come across the tremendous sound potential of this integrated device and have been endlessly pursuing the possibilities. The main portion of the amplifier is composed of a very compact size printed-circuit board which requires a short wiring, enabling ideal class D switching characteristics. This enables the sound to be both natural and fully dynamic. The amplifier is capable of almost three times higher efficiency compared to regular semiconductor linear amplifier, as the forceful driving power for speakers and superior power saving ability are comprised together as one.

RPA-W7EX Specifications
Max Output Power 100W×2(4Ω)
Frequency esponse 10Hz~30kHz±1dB(6Ω、1W)
T.H.D. 0.02%(1kHz、at 80% output)
Input ensitivity, Gain 300mVrms、37.3dB (At Volume MAX、6Ω、1kHz)
Power consumption
At Max output 150W(8Ω、100Hz) (At stereo two channels operation)
Line inputs XL x 1, CA x 1,(electable on the rear panel)
peaker output 1
Mode selector stereo/Mono/BTL
Gain elector MAX/-6db/EX-VOL
Size W350mm×H95mm×D375mm
Weight 6.2kg