Sine Naga Interconnect

✓ Mid to high range equipment
✓ 4 x 22 AWG Multi-strand Silver
✓ Nylon Anti-Static Shielding

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✓ A very smooth sound cables with rich details. Can reveals all the small parts in music but not the sharp or artificial timbre.
✓ Good for mid to high range equipment. Especially fit for those gear which sounds artificial or too analytical. e.g. cold sound solid states power amplifier or pre-amplifier, AV Center, SACD player.
✓ 4 x 22 AWG Multi-strand Silver
✓ Special twisting pattern
✓ Nylon Anti-Static Shielding
✓ -196゚C Cryogenic Treatment applied on whole cable

Length: 1.5 m
Available Connectors: RCA / XLR