Fidata HFLC-1.5M LAN Cable

860,00 (710,74 excl. tax)

This cable is 150cm in length. A 300cm version is also available in the Audiotweaks shop



These Cat 6A LAN cables, which are designed specifically for use in audio applications, feature an MFP8 RJ45 shielded, gold-plated plug by Telegärtner Japan Limited.
Concentric-cross-section cabling with a diameter of 7 mm holding No. 26 AWG grade conductors made of Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) are separated into a series oftwisted pairs, and a reversible design ensures the cables are easy to install.
Multiple seperate shielded lines ensure that electric noise from audio equipment won’t interfere with the transmitted signal
These cables are subjected to a rigorous, 100% inspection at a certified plant in Japan to ensure that they meet our quality standard and deliver exceptional transmission quality.




HFLC Series
Length 1.5m
Model number HFLC-1.5M
Conductor diameter 26AWG
RJ45 connector Telegärtner JAPAN LIMITED [MFP8GOLD]
Wire Silver-plated copper
Warranty period 2-year warranty