Fidata HFU2-2M

369,00 (304,96 excl. tax)

This cable is 200cm in length. A 100cm version is also available in the Audiotweaks shop



These USB 2.0 cables for audio applications feature gold-plated USB connectors and implement the USB 2.0 High Speed specification. Each USB connector features a machined aluminum enclosure that provides weight to limit minuscule vibrations that could affect the connection. Independent concentric-cross-section cables with a diameter of 7mm holding dedicated No. 24 AWG grade conductors made of Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) are used for power and signal lines, and a reversible design ensures the cables are easy to install.
Subjected to a rigorous, 100% inspection at a certified plant in Japan to ensure that they meet our quality standard, these cables deliver exceptional transmission quality.


HFU2 Series
Length 2.0m
Model number HFU2-2M
Conductor diameter Signal line:24AWG / Power line:20AWG
USB connector Standard A type / Standard B type, gold-plated
Wire Silver-plated copper
Warranty period 2-year warranty