Ungnoi Taichi MAX (x4)

899,00 (742,98 excl. tax)

The perfect balancing tool for your hi-fi system.

Please note: this is a set of 4 pieces. The Taiki MAX is also sold individually in our shop.



After the success of their famous tuning device, Taichi Base, UngNoi were determined to create the next step in their evolution with the Taichi MAX.
Specifically developed for larger and heavier hi-fi equipment, while also suitable for custom hifi racks floor-stand speakers.
Taichi MAX features a Super Grade 5 ceramic ball which is 50% larger than the one featured in the Taichi Base.

The entire Taichi MAX body is made from an advanced class of non-magnetic stainless steel to divert and dissipate excessive vibrations.
The Taichi MAX adds a carbon fiber top plate as well to more effectively absorb vibration.
Each Taichi Max weighs over 500 grams. A solid stainless steel structure provides a superb stable support to your equipment. And without being affected by any magnetic interference.

Once Taichi MAX is integrated in the hi-fi system, sound reproduction becomes noticably more transparent and delicate with richer harmonics, energetic mid-range and more powerful bass frequencies.




Height: 46.5mm
Diameter: 53mm
Ceramic ball diameter: 14.3mm ( Super Grade 5)
Suggest max. loading: 130kg / 4 pcs.
Quantity: 1 piece
Gross weight: 0.8KG

Carbon Fiber Flat Washer specification:
Diameter: 44mm
Tensile Strength: 512 Ksi
Tensile Modulus: 33.4 Msi
Tensile Strain: 1.26%

Included threaded studs size:
M8 x 25mm
M8 > M10 adaptor x 25mm
M8 > M6 adaptor x 20mm