SPEC AP-UD1 turntable mat


SPEC AP-UD1 Analog Disc Sheet

“As if being liberated, the music emits a lively energy and resonance that will reverberate and linger in the air.”

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This analog disc sheet from SPEC is based on the original lacquer disk that is used to produce a vinyl record from a two-track, 38-inch tape. The original disk is used to cut grooves on a record with a vinyl-pressing machine. This vinyl is then cast into a mold to create a convex (master) disc which can produce approximately 1000 records.

The SPEC AP-UD1 has no mirror-like luster because it is sandblasted twice, making the lacquer surface a little thinner. The first sandblasting is performed with fine sand and the second sandblasting is sprayed with a vinyl tip for the cutting process. We are the exclusive seller of this item made in Nagano Prefecture.
There are various analog disc sheets on the market, but these are made from softer materials such as rubber, cloth, and felt which have high sound absorption, resulting in softer sounds. This AP-UD1 model has great fidelity just like a master disk, and produces more realistic and vibrant sound.