Gold caps

✓ Made of copper, the best effective material to isolate EMI and RF noise absorption

✓ The best 24 carat gold-plating techniques

✓ Completely fit over unused connectors, protect them from oxidation, dust and corrosion.

✓ Pure Teflon inside, the best material for isolation.

✓ Suggest run-in time: 50 hours.

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The Speaker Terminal Cap is the proprietary design of Telos Audio Design, the main purpose of the design is to curb the skin effects on the binding posts. The currently available binding posts are designed in such a way to cater for the usage of spades and banana plugs.

BNC terminator is nothing new. In fact, it was widely used in the 90s and earlier. However, Telos’s ingenuity lies in incorporating our expertise in making connector caps into BNC terminator. Previous BNC terminator was made with poorer materials and the end barrel was just hollow and inferior in quality.